What happen to the blood within our body when we die?

Depends on where your body is when you die. Gravity carry it to the part of the body facing down, thus the dark color underneath if you were to see the underside of a body (AKA lividity). If you are taken to a funeral home straight, the blood is removed via the femoral vein and replaced beside embalming fluid to preserve the body. If you're body isn't found for a while, and the blood isn't removed, ably, bacteria grows contained by it, and nature take its course, and, well, you've see CSI--decomposition sets in.
Our body rots and our blood eventually rots too along beside our body.

Say you leave a corprse surrounded by a park, eventually his remains will penetrate into the soil.
Unless near was a trauma that cut blood vessel, the blood will trickle down and pool in the lowest part of the pack of the body.

If you collect the blood within a couple of hours it is still polite enough for transfusion.
it coagulates and eventually dries up and disintegrates if it's not drained. i've see it in cadaver when i was contained by college.
Do you really want to know? The mortician pumps it out and replaces it with a fluid that preserves the body(so you don't stink at your funeral). If you are going to be cremated are buried right away nought is done with it. It solidifies where on earth it is at.
If your body is embalmed, like mad of the blood is forced out and replaced by embalming fluids. Otherwise, it deteriorates near the other organs of the body. :-)
Right after death when adjectives body system functions had stopped,blood settles contained by body parts closest to the ground, turning the top grayish white and darkening the underside, except where on earth pressed to the ground. After a day or so, bacterial happenings inside take over spreading putrefaction adjectives over including all along the pooled and clotted blood.
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