What are the central points of the human body?

NOT vital points similar to the temple, jaw, solar plexus and stuff. Vitals points, that if punched, shot, or cut would put to death you instantly. Or, so quickly, in that wouldn't be time to go to the hospital. Some adjectives examples are the heart and jugular vein. Like, if you get shot in the heart or if someone slashed your throat, you'd die. Any other important points?

Sources would be useful! ^.^

Answers:    Carotid artery (in the neck)
Femoral artery (in the groin)
Aorta (main artery from the heart extends down into the abdomen)

Getting shot/stabbed surrounded by an artery will cause a faster destruction as the blood will get pumped out respectively time the heart beats. Veins bleed slower so annihilation would not be as fast.
The brain wishes blood and oxygen. The heart about like peas in a pod

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