What happen if....?

someone who doesnt have anxiety take anxiety pills?

Answers:    I don't understand your grill fully, so you want to take anxiety pills short having any anxity. Well anxiety is not a serious concern, it can be and if it is serious and the person a moment ago can't get out of it requests to address it or it can turn into more problems down the road. So back to your interrogate, assume you want to take them to see if it can produce a elevated or a different state, maybe you are lonely, bored and want to know if it can bring up your state although most are downers resembling in the benzo class and some are not.

If you be take let say klonopin, or xanax both surrounded by the benzo class you just have need of to look up the symptoms and sides and if you want more google it for experience reports if you are looking for any recreational purpose for it, I don't condone this type of activity and I am not a MD but it is past the worst and will not throw your chemestry off, dosing larger consequently what people typically take next to a benzo, you will just be experiencing most expected withdrawal type symptoms and if you don't enjoy anxity you will at this point, use with presage and research for yourself cause most of the ones that individuals seek are addictive.
possibly they lie the means of access to pills make them discern?

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