Does smoking just peaceful someone down if their anxiousness is due to nicotine withdrawel?

I was basically thinking that does smoking actually harmony somone down, like if they are anxious roughly socialising, or can a cigarette only assist if the anxiousness if due to lack of nicotine?

In reality smoking induces your body into a state of stress and it is merely psychological that smoking makes population feel peacemaker, its just a opinion of getting drugs into your system that relieves anxiety of withdrawal
Smoking, along beside eating, drinking, pin biting and thumb sucking, is an 'Oral Satisfaction'. We get pleasure from putting things surrounded by our mouths. It comes from the baby time when we instinctively sucked. We never lose this trait and it is normal surrounded by all humans. Hence smoking calm our nerves.
no some people have a sneaking suspicion that that it's the deep breathes that are inhailed while smoking that calm someone down.
Nicotine has no benefits, it does not quiet you down from a situation.
All it does is provide the brain with nicotine as it scream for it's addiction to be met, when that hit wears sour it goes through duplicate process, again and again; it's just a vicious circle.
No, Nicotine level have nil to do with how anxious you are. Nicotine is a downer and it make you less anxious. People smoke cigarettes because when they are passion bad, this help them deal beside their emotions.
nicotine constricts arteries and blood vessel and blood pressure is reduced so your body is relaxed
I had a boss at another situation who would smoke one cigarette if he was have a bad sunshine. It seemed to serve him. That's the only time he smoked, and it be always simply one. So apparently it does calm nerves.
if you are a smoker, when you are below pressure or stressed. you think to yourself "Oh i'm so stressed i necessitate a cigarette" - you are thinking that the cigarette will calm you down. In certainty the reason you are stressed is because it is time for your nicotine fix, and the common sense you feel smaller number stressed after is because your body has have it's fix. In 30 mins or so you;ll feel like peas in a pod! I'm so glad I quit smoking 3 years ago!!
...Ignoring psychodelic comments...

The answer is NO.
Nicotine excites non-smokers, via N1 and N2 receptors.
It calms the party down even before they are addicted to the nicotine. That's what cause them to get addicted to it, within the first place!
it works on ABSOLUTELY ANYONE. that is why some ancestors start.
Interesting answers...BUT..Cigars contain almost no nicotine at all...AND together near pipe smokers, a smoker of a fine cigar does not inhale (no point)...BUT smoking a beautiful Havana Cigar is one of the most relaxing things that a man, or woman, can do.

Tobacco loses its nicotine during the curing and ageing process. cigar leaves are up to 4 years elderly before they are rolled into a cigar.
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