Aorta transplant/surgery?

is there such a entity?
if there is please explain

and if nearby are surgeries concerning the aorta can u please name some and explain


Surgery on the aorta can be on the ascending aorta, which requires cardiopulmonary bypass, or on the descending aorta, which doesn't.

Most aortic surgery is abdominal aortic aneurysm resection (AAA). They cut out the damaged aorta and replace it near a tubular graft made of synthetic material. During the surgery, they clamp rotten the aorta and the lower half of the body is not perfused.

It's big surgery. The aorta is at the subsidise of the abdomen, so adjectives the guts have to be pushed out of the instrument. It can be a mess in stout people.

Here's photos:

They can presently also be repaired, in some instances, from the inside, using endovascular technique. The surgeon goes inthrough the arteries contained by the groin and puts a graft in the aorta that style. Much less traumatic for the merciful.

Some drawings of an endovascular repair:
Aortic dissections can normally be patched. using a mesh graft of a fabric like Gore-Tex. It's resembling patching a flat tire.
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