Zyprexa not prescribed?

Ok, So I know the question sounds dumb right bad the bat. But does anyone know the effects of taking zyprexa when your not prescribed it? Zyprexa is a medicine used for the treatment of schizophrenia and bi polar disorder.

I am trying to digit out what the side effects / effects would be if taken. How would it affect brain chemistry etc.

any info would be appreciated.

thank you.

Answers:    http://www.rxlist.com/cgi/generic/olanza...
You need to pinch it for a few weeks for it to become effective surrounded by your system.

If you just pop a volatile pill, it will not do much for you.
It lowers body temperature for a while, therefore within the long run it promotes weight gain. It promotes diabetes within the long run. It promotes uncontrolled muscle movements.

It tends to generate the body less competent to adjust blood pressure quickly when standing up, for this reason makes one be aware of faint upon rising.

As far as the brain, it help obtund emotional allergic reaction to stimulus, but it also makes it more difficult to mull over in abstract language.

The drug has no treat roughly potential, except for those people who are captivated by the theory of taking a mind altering drug.

If you want to alter your mind in a postive channel, study a book that will teach you something worthwhile, resembling 'Geometry the Easy Way', about 12 dollars current.

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