Why would a neurologist turn sour his bureau standard lamp and shine a flash muted instrument within a patient's eyes?

What could he possible be looking for with this type of examination ?

This is called a funduscopic exam and checking the pupil response is a module of the exam. A funduscopic exam is part of full neurological exam and is regularly done if the patient complains of headache or optical problems.

The exam is also to look not only at the retina and its blood vessel, it can show evidence of what is called intracranial hypertension (elevated pressure surrounded by the skull). Elevated pressure within the skull warrant more studies as it can be sign of a mass such as a tumor, or brain edema.
he was in recent times checking to see if your pupils dilate or not.its routine neuro exam
You can see many things give or take a few the health of the long-suffering by observing the subsidise of the eye. He can see through the lens and pupil and see the retina. Blood vessel health is one entry. Your response to light by the pupil is another.
The neurologist test the response of the patient's pupils. The pupil will contract when a bright light is shined into the eye. This is a snatched and simple diagnostic that the doctor does to see if a patient's basic mental faculty are intact.
They turn the lights off so that the pupils depart up, then shine the restrained in them to see if they take action equally.
For giggles . . .

Seriously though, to check to see if Cranial Nerves 2 and 3 are working properly. If nearby is a deficit within the pupillary flimsy reflex, there may be an intracranial or divergent nerve disorder.
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