(spontaneous) combustion?

its a very mysterious topic and i am not totally sure if it can come to pass. this subject came to mind when i be thinking about my grandmother: her doctor prescribed one quality of medication but didnt check to see how that medication would interact with the other one that she be taking. both medications come together when she took it and when she went to the hospital they said that she have traces of Nitroglycerin in her body from the aversion (she's fine now, that be years ago) that got me thinking...could someone certainly combust if they say, smoked a cigarrete or come near a flamable gooey with traces of nitroglycerin within their body?

Answers:    No, you will not combust with trace amounts of nitroglycerin within your blood stream.
i dontt know the answer to your question, but i do know that spontaneous human combustion is a myth

family have be found with their bodies charred and adjectives in their homes, minus any source of fire. this happens if they die essential a lit fire and they arent found for ages. the fat within their body burns and they are found (possibly) after the fire has gone out.

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