Can Somebody Please Help Me Find Out If These Medications Are Safe To Take Together?

I Am currently on 100mg of Atenolol (Beta blocker), & Also 10mg of Lexapro (SSRI) daily.

Now I Was Prescribed Percocet 10mg for my posterior and neck injurys.

I requirement to know if there are any interactions beside taking these three medications together. Im in recent times getting A second opinion to product sure I am safe. Thank You

Call a 24 hour pharmacy and ask the pharmacist. Any warning you get here is not verifiable and unsafe.
your GP is your best advisor. Or nickname the pharmacist.
Can someone tell you...Yes
That creature would be the druggist.
Tell your pharmacist what you're taking & ask for their opinion.
You Chemist/Pharmacist will know the answer to your interview.
Give them a ring.
Take care.
You answered your own give somebody the third degree: Talk to your pharmacist!
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