Being a blood donor ?

I haven't given blood for some thirty odd years but I have a handle on that I can no longer be a donor as I take regular medication for large blooed pressure and raised cholesterol. Have I be advised correctly?

Answers:    I endow with blood regularly, but last time I go, I asked them if my newly acquire fiance could be a donor, she takes blood pressure tablets and anti-depressants.

When I told them which ones, they said it would be ok as they be mild ones, so I should tell them the actual name of your medicines.

According to the pattern site sourced, you can donate while taking your tablets, who advised you, that you couldn't?

Are near any other reasons why you can't? I'm 65 but because I'm a regular donor I can verbs until I'm seventy, normally the maximum age is 60.

XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXMichael, you're right the intertwine is American, I live in Luton, but I still suspect you will be ok, so only just 'phone the helpline and ask them.XXXXXXXXXXXXX
they wont let u donate if you hold high blood pressure, irrelevant of medication taken

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