EMT requirements?

I am looking at taking an EMT course from january-may 2008. I am 15 right now but will turn 16 within February 2008. O and I live in New Jersey and I am CPR certified. Will I know how to take the course, I hold been looking adjectives over to find out the age requirement but cannot find it. Pleas tell me if I can clutch the course I am very committed about becoming an EMT. Thanks.

In your state you will be required to be 18 surrounded by order to become an EMT or even lug the EMT course. This is because NJ is a National Registry State.

These links should help:



But don't confer up, in a couple years I suggest that you pursue this pedestrian area if it is what you want to do.
In most states around the country,you're required to become a firefighter first. THEN you study up for the Emergency Medical Tech training. Have you tried a community college near you to see if they own the courses for EMT?
In Alaska, you had to be 17 to thieve the course, and 18 to take the trial and become certified.

In most states, I believe you have to be 18 to thieve the course.

Check with the course director or instructor to find out for consistent. I'm sure they won't mind answering your questions.

Here's a roll of the upcoming EMT-Basic courses, along with the phone numbers of the coordinators of the courses. http://www.state.nj.us/cgi-bin/dhss/ems/... I'm sure one of the coordinators will know how to answer your question. I couldn't find out age requirement information on the New Jersey EMS Department webpage, any.

It's good that you are enthusiastic about EMS! For the right character, EMS is a fantastic and fufilling career :)
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