A enormously,severely urgent request for information!Please answer.?

What problem can a person own if a little time after ingestion or drinking his waist starts paining?Is it very serious??

Thank U.

If that happen every time after eating or drinking,probable cause:
>> gastritis or an inflammation of the lining of the stomach - but the affliction will be in upper tummy not waist.
>> if the pain is on the waist and happen after eating usually salted foods or drinking colas- probably caused by kidney stones.

Well,near are many possibilities that can be included as the symptom you are describing is so confusing and needs more detailed information and wishes to be assessed specifically. We cannot conclude what is the problem short further investigations so we cannot judge if it is serious or not.
It could be tons things. It's hard to influence just one base on the pain. Here's a few concept:
1) Sharp pain, no disorientation, vomiting, or diarrhea - probably gas - not serious although painful
2) Dull intense hurting, followed by intense vomiting and/or diarrhea - probably food poisoning - not usually serious, but if it lasts longer than a daylight, see a doctor in defence it's a more serious strain
3) Dull ache possibly near gas, diarrhea, vomiting, or fever - food allergy - can be highly serious or very minor, see a doctor
4) Any of the above symptoms that ultimate for less than 2 hours or so, probably simple indigestion - not serious unless it's a inveterate problem
5) If you're anxious, nerves are a possibilty.

It's always possible that it is a more serious condition, but if this is the first time it's happen and it goes away soon, it's probably not too serious. However, if the aching is intense or doesn't go away within 24 hours, see a doctor.

I hope you feel better soon!
you ate too much...
it could gt sirrious but uually to elder people. over the time organism produces little rocks surrounded by stomach. and you food cant get out of stomach and afterwards it hurts. if that's it it's very sirrious.
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