2 Patients beside 3d point burn over 97% survive!!?

books say when 3d level burn more then 75% of body mortality speedily approches 100% partially due to profound hypovolemic shock, to a certain extent due to sepsis, as the skin is a major organ of the immune system. Yet ever immediately and then hear of forgiving 3d degree burns over 98-99-100% and still survive, please see cooperation below (http://www.yellowstone.net/newspaper/200... Why is is not possible to simply treat this hypovolemia beside multiple crystalloid and plasma lines + add a dressing on the tolerant soaked with adrenaline (epi) to produce vasoconstrction to slow fluid loss, and prevent the infection next to hyperbaric oxygen (also this hyperbaric 02 will speed tissue regeneration.) I never recommend prophylactic antibiotic use but frequent swabs of the burned areas should be done and if microbes is detected immediate treatment near antibitoic combinations (to prevent resistance) should be initiated.Skin grafts as critical once the patient stabilizes. Artifical skin can also be used.

We're never as smart as we deduce, and nature is more robust than we envisage. The famous Captain Murphy of the USAF promulgated his canon about the rocket program. It's geometric progressions more true contained by medicine.
Just when the fluid and electrolyte problems seem to be to be in mitt, the patient go into ARDS or you need to enjoy a Swan-Ganz to keep up, and it cause SBE. Your antibiotics work, but you wind up next to Pseudomonas, it requires an aminoglycoside, and the kidneys are shot. There's a PE, or your prophylaxis for the PE causes a massive GI hemorrhage. The frail "age+%BSA burn=mortality rate" rule still holds as an empiric guide, and if we do better, it's not through medical advances but devine intervention, though as you would expect we always try our best.
righteous answer: give ivf for hypovolemic shock, epi for vasodilation, and hyperbaric O2, but this O2 psychotherapy only inhibit the growth of anaerobic organisms close to the Clostridia specie, which are responsible for tetanus, pseudomembranous colitis and butolism. the organism which is mostly present in burns are usually aerobes, substance they thrive well within areas with oxygen. surrounded by burns, the pseudomona specie is most responsible for wound infection. these aerobes will then be responsible for sepsis.

a big problem within burned patients is electrolyte imbalance, which though can be corrected beside fluids but can lessen survival of victims

but, if a patient will enjoy 98% of his total body surface area (tsba) burned, he still hold good likelihood of survival if he will be under strict medical attention. and, percentage in burned merciful only measures the tsba. if internal organs are not severely damages, likelihood for suvival are optimistic.

ps: your related page does not mention burns
Put epinephrine on the skin would cause vasoconstriction, but that's the converse of what you want. You'd be shutting off blood supply to anything still living.

Hyperbaric 02 have not proven to be effective at adjectives with patients near burns. In fact, it could be deadly due to delay contained by other treatments.

Antibiotic use is not warranted unless documented infection.

As for a short time ago "SIMPLY" treating the hypovolemia, it's easier said than done.
97% and alive??
The patient be misclassified (miscalculation of the burnt area)
He is unresponsive already..
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