Anyone ever taken Glycolax?

My doctor put me on glycolax to regulate me more, so to say. Anyone taken it, have any experiences, side effects, anything in finicky that isn't good to devour or drink while on it? Oh and what's the best time to take it?

Welcome to the wonderful world of polyethylene glycol! I must articulate that after taking this medication (Mine was below the trade name Mira Lax, which is presently sold over the counter) I was a unsullied person. I nick a heavy on a daily basis dose of Schedule II Narcotics, namely 350mg of methadone which has the disappointing side effect of severe constipation. We're talking BM's once every 12-14 days! Glycolax literally save my life. I experienced nouns within three days, but keeping within mind I was an extreme casing... No side effects whatsoever... for me that is. Some foods you may want to see out for in the emergence are the typical constipators. Cheese, bananas, and some types of pasta for some people.

As far as the best time to rob the medication, I always took mine right past I went to sleep to allow it to work while I be resting. Might work best if taken about an hour after your ending meal also...

If the Glyco doesn't serve you, ask your doc if Reglan (Metoclopramide) is an option. It is a medication that stimulates gastric motility and peristalsis (The squeezing movements of your intestines) I hold also had correct luck with this medication.

Best of luck, and remember... Fiber is your FRIEND!
I am pretty sure that it have laxative effect. ithink you will visit your toilet extremely often inside the days to come
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