Asking Pediatricians Only?

THIS QUESTION IS INTENDED FOR PEDIATRICIANS ONLY. (or a retired one like greydoc) Not for susceptible university students or stay at home moms. (ex.marie)
I’m a student currently in lofty school and contemplating on a adjectives in pediatrics. I’d only just like to receive some information just about the field. I would appreciate any response.Thank you for giving me your time and awareness.
1) What does your job involve?
2) What certificate and education are required?
3) What merits should a person own?
4) How demanding is the job physically, emotionally and mentally?
5) What type of hours do you put contained by? Do you take work home?
6) What is the expected stipend range contained by the field?
7) Are in attendance any benefits?
8) Does your occupation live up to your expectations?
9) How do you attract or solicit your clientele?
10) What are the future assignment prospects in the profession?
11) What do you delight in the most and least in the order of your occupation?
12) What do you advise to someone interested contained by your occupation

Answers:    Did you try to send GreyDoc a message? Did you muse about calling a local pediatrician's organization and asking for an interview?

The professional association of pediatrics has a website near answers to all your question and more. Try

Hope this helps!

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