ADD appointment?

It took me about a month to set up an appointment, I am not so delighted about it, because I own classes and I can't concentrate ,which means I will come to nothing my classes again. And here is my question, how long does the unharmed diagnose thing bring? I know the first appointment is about an hour, and the doctor will determine if you have need of a further treatment and arrange another appointment for you. Does that mean I own to wait another week or two for the subsequent appointment? How many times I hold to be there until I find the pills? And how does the doctor know I have ADD? What concerned of test do they use? Do they ask you plentifully of questions and what nice of questions do they ask?

Well, I'm not sure what type of doctor you are seeing (i.e., a psychologist, psychiatrist, or physician) but it would swing depending on the doctor.

A psychologist would meet next to you, discuss your problems, and then the actual conducting tests simulates cognitively-stressing situations. So you would do paper-and-pencil problem solving tasks that are tapping within to your ability to attend to stimuli, memory, speaking, and other higher-level processes. There is no machines or other devices used during the testing. I do carrying out tests with children and adults beside ADHD and the testing typically take approximately 3-5 hours spread across 1-2 sessions plus a follow-up session for feedback. My interview takes place within the first session, although every office runs differently, so it will definately depend on who you are seeing and their protocol.

A psychiatrist and people physician are different. A psychiatrist may go base on your reports or may ask for testing from a psychologist. Family physicians collectively will refer you to a psychologist for testing prior to prescribing medication. However, the psychologist cannot prescribe, so you will be sent to a psychiatrist or your physician for medication, if it is reasonable.

Questions will include your family history, developmental history, nurture and work history plus a detailed list of symptoms. Bring examples, such as - "I be trying to complete this test surrounded by such and such class and I just couldn't focus. I kept getting distracted by the birds sitting within the window outside." Those are terrifically helpful. They will want to know where on earth the symptoms are occurring most often, how repeatedly they are noticed, who is notice them, when they began, etc. They will also ask question about change in mood, sleep, appetite, etc. because ADHD isn't the solely condition that causes change in your thinking skills.

Good luck!

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