Anatomy sound out..?

What is dialysis? Can you describe how it is used in an artificial kidney.

Dialysis is cleansing of the kidneys through filter (peritoneal dialysis uses your own body to filter toxins with dialysis solution and osmosis within the peritoneum; haemodialysis uses a machine to filter toxins from your blood after pumps the 'cleansed' blood back into the body)
our kidney is function as a semi membrane filter to remove impurity in blood.
dialysis is the artificial purification of blood and this can be name as artificial kidney.
there are two kind of dialysis, peritoneal dialysis and hemodialysis.but they have impossible to tell apart function which is to remove accumulated substances contained by the body such as those nitrogen containing compounds like urea, creatinine and others.
Dialysis is a type of renal replacement technique used to artificially replace a lost kidney due to renal letdown. It's used for both acute renal failure (a sudden loss of kidney function) and running out stage renal failure (a slow progressive loss of renal function over a spell of months or years).
Dialysis's purpose is to artificially perform adjectives of the tasks that a health function liver would require to do, such as removing toxic dissipate, filtering out urea, sour and electrolytes.
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