Anyone taking serax?

i am going to the phyciatrist and i might be treated for moderate to severe anxiety with serax. i be wondering how well it works for anxiety. i hold tried anti depressants and they had no effect on me. also are nearby any other benzodiazepines good for treating anxiety? appreciation.

Serax a.k.a. oxazepam is prescribed for anxiety, but you know that. A better drug might be Klonopin, because if its longer half vivacity, and it is easier to stop using when it is no longer needed. Neither if these benzo's peak as like greased lightning as Xanax, but the abuse potential and the addiction potential for Xanax is much greater. Lorazepam is also an resort, but my personal opinion of Lorazepam is that it is simply useful contained by very mild anxiety patients.

Stick near the the Serax for a while and if you need something stronger, ask your doctor to prescribe Klonopin 1mg twice on a daily basis.

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