Accidentally took an extra wellbutrin 300 mg, what's going to develop?

I usually keep track by making a check sitting duck on paper if I've taken my meds, but this morning I a short time ago can't remember, so I went ahead and took it this afternoon, I may own taken two instead of one, I'm only supposed to appropriate it once a day.

Technically, if you own the tendency, it could bring a seizure but the likelihood of that are really low. Obviously by now you know you are fine- of late try the pill container thing. (And I find Wellbutrin HELPS my memory!)
Call your doctor because you never know beside different people.
I embezzle Wellbutrini also and they do make you forgetful. Nothing will transpire; you're okay. But call the pharmacist lately to be sure. Get one of those days of the week pill dispensers. They help seriously (Gosh, I sound feeble!)
When I took an extra wellbutrin I got a jar of energy...I get my house work done in copy time!! Kandice
You will feel a bit better than usual but that's almost it.
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