Premature newborn can't munch through solid food?

My sister siad that her 2 year old babe will not eat solid food.
She say that she was speaking to someone that told her to be exact not uncommon for a premature tot to not eat solid food, and that it should drink a special charitable of milkshake.

Anyone have any planning what that is?

Answers:    Premature babies are "behind" surrounded by development as compared to their "age" because they are not in fact as old as full-termers. So they do tend to accomplish milestones "late" even though that may not really be late for them--doing things a month or so after their literal age.

However, at two, even a hugely premature infant should be well into the solids phase (usually babies are started on soft foods at going on for six months). She should also have most of her teeth by presently, so solids should not be such a problem.

I have no theory what kind of milkshake your sister's friend be talking give or take a few, but she should speak with her pediatrician. The friend may be conversation about "fiasco to thrive", which is common contained by premature infants but not limited to them, and might be recommend high-calorie drinks. In any event, a two-year-old should be eating solids and if she isn't she may not be getting satisfactory nutrition. Please ask her to talk to the doctor almost this concern.
Premature babies frequently have sensory problems which will manifest within several ways. One way is poor tolerance for, and rejection of, solid foods.
This infant really should be seen by an job therapist and a speech pathologist (preferrably pediatric specialists surrounded by a hospital). The sooner, the better.

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