Medically orient ancestors out here?

Can anybody help me brand name a title for our seminar?ive been racking my brain for planning but somehow i cant make any relevant ones.the seminar is more or less nervous sytem and cardiac anomalies.i really hope u could confer me ideas...thanx

- Diagnosis of cardiac anomalities (ECG, enzyme test, chest X-ray)
- Complications of cardiac infarction (arrhytmias, cardiogenic shock, hypoxaemia, pulmonary oedema, deep artery thrombosis, myocardial rupture, ventricular aneurysm, etc)
- What does NERVOUS mean?
- Do solitary nervous relations suffer panick attacks?
- What is a nervous breakdown? Who is more susceptible to enjoy it: men or women?
- What is an opt out system of organ donation re: cardiovascular and nervous systems?
- Why is the human circulation system described as a double circulation?
- What are the biggest parts of the human nervous system?
- What happen to Robert the Bruce’s heart after he died?
- How should one care for a dog suffering from an irregular heart vanquish?
- Is coronary heart disease the worst type of heart disease?
- How is heart disease defined?
- How do I know if I am having a heart attack?
- When did Christian Barnard make the first heart transplant?
- How many times does our heart flog in a morning?
- Can folic acid sustain prevent heart attacks?
- How can fireflies help doctors study heart disease?
- What does brain genu anticipate?
- How does Alzheimer's affect the brain?
- How to become a Brain Surgeon?

Cardiac anomalities:
- Sudden cardiac death
- Congenital heart defect and surgery available
- Coronary angioplasty
- Coronary artery bypass
- Coronary heart disease
- Endocarditis
- Heart attack
- Heart block
- Rheumatic fever
Electrical Conduction System of your Heart and the Body.
Disturbed Heart Rhythm & Your Nervous System.
  • My doctor told me to stop my migraines I shouldn't have coffee, tea or coke. Can I have the caffeinefree ones?
  • What medicine are made out of tree parts?
  • What is Paxil good for? How soon do you see results? Can you loose weight with it?
  • Why is it so - a 'bloody' question:D?
  • What would happen if a human's immune system were to be increased 10 fold?
  • I have severe menstrual cramps. What are my chances of getting a prescription to an opoiod/opiate?
  • How long after taking Accutain am I able to donate blood again?
  • Are you for or against private medecine? What do you think and why?