My doctor prescribed me Ultram and when I took it, I couldn't see a difference....?

in my misery, but the next time I took it, I sipped down a massive glass of sea after I took the pill, and I felt similar to a space-case right after? Why did that full glass of sea with that pill affect me differently than the first time I took it near just satisfactory water to swallow the pill? This feel really weird this time.

Answers:    The Ultram breaks down quicker surrounded by water, meds are made to do that, to gain into your circulation faster. I hope it is relieving your pain!
I do want to mention that you should rise from a sitting position completely slowly, do not start walking immediately, lift your time since you might become light-headed or dizzy. In fact, the best place for you is surrounded by bed! You're probably tired anyway from the pain, i.e. exhausting in itself. Good luck to you, hope you quality better soon!
thats surprising beacuse the compound is highly soluble within water and should that`s why be readily absorbed into the blood.

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