A ask give or take a few the human brain?

Have any scientist found out what is the equivalent storage capacity of an average humanbeing's brain. when i say-so capacity i tight like conceivably in Gigabytes. this is basically hypothetical and i would really appreciate to know if we have after a bigger storage than computers.

Current estimates of brain size range from 1 to 1000 terabytes!

"Robert Birge (Syracuse University) who studies the storage of facts in
proteins, estimated within 1996 that the memory capacity of the brain be
between one and ten terabytes, with a most imagined value of 3
terabytes. Such estimates are across the world based on counting neurons and
assuming respectively neuron holds 1 bit. Bear in mind that the brain have
better algorithms for compressing certain types of information than
computers do."

"The human brain contains roughly speaking 50 billion to 200 billion neurons
(nobody knows how various for sure), each of which interfaces next to 1,000
to 100,000 other neurons through 100 trillion (10 14) to 10
quadrillion (10 16) synaptic junctions. Each synapse possesses a
unpredictable firing threshold which is reduced as the neuron is repeatedly
activated. If we assume that the firing threshold at respectively synapse can
assume 256 distinguishable levels, and if we suppose that here are
20,000 shared synapses per neuron (10,000 per neuron), then the total
information storage dimensions of the synapses in the cortex would be of
the charge of 500 to 1,000 terabytes. (Of course, if the brain's
storage of information takes place at a molecular plane, then I would
be afraid to jeopardy a guess regarding how lots bytes can be stored in
the brain. One estimate have placed it at about 3.6 X 10 19 bytes.)"
MM, ably I know that a Yottabyte is more capacity than the human brain
I love this ask. I actually scholarly that the average human uses only 2% of their brain size. Just imagine what we could do if we could use it adjectives.
Nobody knows for sure, but it is surely surrounded by the multiple terabytes.
I have two brains, and would close to to answer that, but at the
moment, one brain's lost, and the other went looking for it.%})
10 gigs assuming 10-100
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