Are within any non presription drugs for snout infections?

please none of that neti pot rubbish

Yeah the concept of a neti pot is just horrible. Anyway its a query best to ask a pharmacist, but what you could do is either snort up a solution of saline and water (kinda approaching the neti pot, I know sorry) or smear a little bit of iodine within your nose. That will support, but it will leave a repulsive smell for a few hours.
several. it depends on if its a sinus issue or something living in your mucous...if its contained by your mucous and in your antenna then most feasible you'll get an lotion called bactroban or if its within your sinuses theres several different sprays and pills, I recommend Nasocort spray.
yeh go ask at your chesmist you can bring tablets or spray
What's neti pot? I snort a couple drops of Kyolic aged garlic extract and water whenever I enjoy a cold. Three or four times and I'm fine.
Rather depends on the problem though!
Sinus tablets help if it is blocked - I own found Boots own sinus tablets - but these are the ones you have to buy at the counter - you can't pick them up sour the shelf!
There are also things like the strips that hold your nostrils unstop - they DO work - especially the ones with eucalyptus contained by them.
Sniffing salt river is something some friends have mentioned - can't comparatively get over the thought that is approaching just drowning yourself though! I DID draw from my partner to drip salt sea up my nose while I lay beside my head tilted rear legs over the edge of the bed - it did come across to help a bit.
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