Amiodarone for controlling Atrial Fibrillation?

My doctor decided to fully nouns me with Amio after in recent times 9 episodes of Afib. since 2005. I didn't question it until I read going on for all of the serious side effects that can start. I then saw him again and told him I required off of Amio. Stopped the amio within Feb. 2007. He then put me on digoxen..cruel med for me. So I stopped taking it. By the end of June, I started have PAC's, not full blown afib. It seems I am enormously sensitive to
Amio. So I started to take 50mg. instead of the 200mg. of Amio, breaking the pills apart. This be my decision. Haven't even informed my doctor almost this. The reason I granted to make it 50mg. is because it is easier to split the 200mg pill into 4 chunks. A friend of mine say he is taking 15mg of Amio
everyday and it has be controlling his afib for 3 years.
Now it is almost August and I have not have any PAC's or Afib.
This lower dosage of Amio must lessen the side effects of this medicine?
Any comments welcome.

I understand your concern. Both amiodarone and digoxin are these class of drugs everyone tries to avoid, like warfarin. Amiodarone have a lot of side effects, but hold saved masses lives. Your friend is taking 15mg or 150? Because the lowest dosage form is the 100mg tab. I think you should reach a deal with your doctor going on for it. Tell him your concerns and ask him if you can have a prescription for the 100mg tablets, or you may nick 200mg every other day (or 100mg every other day) or transport 150mg daily. I'm giving you some accepted wisdom apart of taking 1/4 of the tablet because you can't be sure if you are really taking 50mg or 60mg or 40mg. I recommend you to talk to your doctor because that channel he can follow up with you more accurately, and you shouldn't create such risky changes lacking the help of your doctor. I know every human being is different and maybe you don't necessitate the usual dose (200mg/daily), but your doctor should monitor you closely until you got the right dose for you.
I'm not a big disciple of amiodarone, so by opinion is somewhat biased, but it's more credible luck than your do-it-yourself dosing that's kept you from having episodes., but if your heart rhythm is sinus, who really care? Certainly you'd expect the pr0-arrhythmic risks to be a lot lower near your microdose.
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