Are nurses allowed to insert urinary catheter short doctors lay down?

In a strictest sense and standards of practice, the physician orders the catheter and a registered nurse perform the procedure and provides patient teaching.

However, there are some conditions and settings that would allow nurses to get something done urinary catheterization without doctors information. In nursing homes for instance, it is procedure routinely performed by a registered nurse or those who are trained. Independent licensed nurse practitioners may also do it lacking doctors orders.The nurses however must hold a keen judgement and know when to refer to a doctor (say if the tolerant seem to enjoy some anomalies and the procedure is not going smoothly for example). When doing on their own, they also take full responsibility on their behaviour.
no they cant do anything invasive without confirmation.
Basically, no. But some doctor may hold told the nurse to cath the patient if it is needed. You can never be sure if this nurse have been told to do this unless you ask the doctor. Also, the doctor may right to be heard he had told her when within fact he did not especially if it get good results. Nurses usually know what the doctor would suggest or would want and a doctor will agree beside her decision.
Technically, nurses are supposed to go and get orders for nearly everything. I work on an ICU, and a great deal of the time, you don't have time to continue for an order. Deciding to insert a cath is a small outcome compared to many we own to make. I hold found that if you work in a edification institution, you are much more likely to hold a resident around for orders, so you can be smaller number independent.
family doctor's experience

No, you shouldn't do anything lacking a doctor approval

doubting you are a real nurse, because this is a central principle of medical practice and one that is inherent by all nurses i know
NO NO NO unless they where on earth told to by a doctor . I am a RN i know
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