Any Neurologists onboard?

For the last 4 yrs. I enjoy had sudden, severe HAs. The distress is exquisite. The episodes last appx. 20 second. Sometimes I feel as though I am going to shaky, and occassionally I experience nausea with them. In the ultimate year, my vision have been artificial in what appears to me to be the OD solitary. I have have 2 CT/contrast, both unremarkable. Labs are coming back WNL. Yes, I am seeing my PCP, and no, I will not engineer any life altering decision based on info given here. Thank you for your time....

Are you thinking you may be harbour an aneurysym? A small right A-Comm aneurysm with sentinel bleeds could fit beside your Hx. and could potentially be missed with CTA (and MRA). The gold ingots standard for detecting one is a 4-vessel angio. to rule this out in the differential. I assume youo've already have non-cx CTs -- have they be followed up with LPs?

Labs would be expected to be WNL (as they would beside other types of H/A disorders, e.g. cluster H/A).
The person above me said it adjectives. Aneurysms are a scary point. Most people die earlier they even get to the hospital. Keep insisting you own a problem, and specifically mention the diagnostics above.
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