Are within such things as eye transplants?

I've been wondering whether ancestors are able to transplant trustworthy body parts such as arms and legs...or even eyes. If they aren't capable of such, afterwards could someone explain to me why organs such as lungs and livers can?

There are CORNEA transplants (the outer "covering " of the eye can be taken from a cadavor and transplanted into a living person's eye...but the entire EYEBALL has YET to know how to be transplanted.. I would have to speak that the microscopic veins, connective tissues and section might just be means of access too difficult a task for someone to accomplish whole eye transplants. But that does NOT imply it won't be done sometime in the adjectives... just not today... also, toes own been used to replace severed fingers but of COURSE they do not work as WELL or look as worthy as the actual FINGER. it is probably impossible to transplant entire legs or arms from cadavor donors because not only do the blood types own to match without fault, but every single milli-inch of tissue, veins, vessles etc would enjoy to be matched PERFECTLY in instruct for the transplanted limb to FUNCTION... since this could RARELY (if ever) appear, it is not a productive procedure to transplant entire arms or legs AT THIS TIME---but, who knows what the adjectives might bring. hearts, lungs, livers,kidneys, are competent to be transplanted because the connective tissue, veins, blood vessles etc are easier to connect from a cadavor or "living donor" but, if you remember, put money on in the 1960's and 1970, even THESE procedures be rarely done. The unbelievably first heart transplant was done surrounded by 1967 by doctor Christiaan Barnard. Since that time, THOUSANDS of heart, lung, liver and kidney transplants have be performed successfully. Hopefully, however, we won't come to feel of the human body as a "SPARE PARTS STORE".
Sure I guess, in reality my brothers friend had one and his eyes are 2 diffrent colors. If not thats why we enjoy glass eyes.
currently doctors are powerless to transplant eyes as they lack the technology to repair the optic fortitude. Doctors are able to repair/reattach blood vessel, but nerves are harder to repair.
Retinas are replaced though.
yes its possibe but they messed up and immediately shes blind in her disappeared eye. it overflowed w/blood and there be a chemical reaction between the pills they give her to fall asleep and the vaseline stuff they put on her eyes. =/
Yes, but it is extremely expensive, and I don't think most insurance plans cover this!
Yes it is . My father inlaw have a eye from a 18 year old who died but they dont finishing very long contained by some people my father inlaw eyes are brown and the one he get from the 18 yrlod was brown also presently it has turned blue and he cant see out of it . so yes it is human being done but some times it don't last . I am a RN so i hold also seen this surgery self done
yep there are also corneal transplant
Only infallible parts of the eye can be transplanted like the cornea not the entire eye.
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