Are doctor cashing surrounded by on smoking weed- medical pot?

You need to state your interrogate more clearly.

In your question:
which state are you surrounded by (CA? AZ? TX? which state?)
Is the doctor selling you the medical pot?

If you are in CA where on earth medical marijuana is legal, the doctors write the prescription, but do not provide the marijuana. They do NOT receive any kickback financially from the people who grow the pot. In heaps cases, the patients grow their own marijuana once they have the prescription.
No, doctors don't brass in on that. They risk their license on it. All they get compensated for is an office visit--they aren't drug dealer.
sure, look at house, their getting it off tv
yup. it's a plot by the management to keep our society surrounded by a constant state of "having the munchies".
It is informal in the US, adjectives of the US, to prescribe or dispense marijuana, so it's difficult to see how doctors or drug companies could profit. It's near-impossible to practice without a DEA license, so if a doctor get caught prescribing it, he's out a job. In states that promote marijuana use, near are doctors who feel strongly plenty about it to risk their livelihoods, but if they be to cash within, I'd say it would solitary be prudent, since the federal law risks an entire lifetime's proceeds.
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