"Medical Science have be so successful that citizens very soon expect too much of it" --Discuss.?

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If you think more or less the extended life epectencies today you can appreciate how successfull medical science is - to the extent that it is possible for relatives in their 90's to own healthy and alive lifstyles only shutting down up in hospital as a result of simple accident such as tripping over a rug at home and fracturing their hips. They then expect to generate a full recovery which is recurrently unrealistic considering the risks of surgery for people within that age group.
You could mention plastic surgery and anti aging. Then you could mention people who smoke drink overeat and expect drug and medical surgery to fix them and still smoke drink and eat too much.
And as expected you cant forget about those who are looking to trade name us live forever. There's also some stories on over medication of kids like Ritalin and parents dispense their kids certain supplements to restore their schooling.
go to a hospital or some, sit near patients .find out & write their medical conditions &the medical problems .u can write evrythin or select some particular cases to write.b practical .this is practical work .lol. dont b idle .lol
Medical science is successful because they began within the late 1800's to treat infallible symptoms as "the problem".

but the problem truely was the introduction of preservatives into prepackaged foods.. The org. that existed past it was call the FDA was correct within investigating the affects of foods on the human body.

There are no regulations to support health. They are regulations to support big business and governing body elite..
Out-of-hospital cardiac arrests result within death. That's pretty resourcefully the end of the story. The rate of successful resuscitation is nearly 2%. Very few people outside of drug know that, because the rate on TV is about 50% or better.
Miracle clot-buster drugs are anyone used to treat strokes. In nobody does the treatment make an instant difference, in nearly ninety percent it never make a difference, and in the ten or twelve percent surrounded by whom it does make a difference, that difference is apposite in single half. And that's if everything go perfectly. You don't hear those details unless you're paying close attention.
Weight control is a situation of calories intake vs. calories burned. There are no other factors surrounded by the equation. That isn't the general perception, though, is it?
Did you know that the overwhelming bulk of medical evidence is that cold medicine have no positive effects at adjectives on children? If cold medicines, which contain prehistoric ingredients that fall below a "grandfather clause" in the FDA's authority, have to show safety and efficiency to be marketed, contained by the same method new drugs do, within would be no pediatric decongestants or cough syrups sold. None.
It's an everyday occurrence for me to see somebody beside a cold who admits to knowing that there's no cure for a cold, and that it's cause by a virus that cannot be treated with an antibiotic, next to that understanding like lightning followed by: "But Doc, this is a really bad cold, so I obligation an antibiotic."
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