What will start if i help yourself to 60 mg of Morphine?

all I hold to say to you, is if you own to ask then this is not a prescription your DR give you. I HAD my best friend ever DIE from taking time released Morphine. These pills were 30mg respectively, They deliver medicine over a slower term, well she WASNT getting plenty "good feeling" . I dont know how much she took, but the subsequent time I tried to call her, her mom told me she be DEAD. All because she didnt know how much to take. I love the big answer above , this personage really laid it out for you. Please take consideration of yourself, pills will kill you. PS I am not a kid, I am an fully developed who lost my best bud to this painkiller.
Make sure your will is up to date.
Unless it is prescribed why would you do such a piece? I have to bear morphine on a daily foundation and would give it up surrounded by a heart beat if I be able to. Unfortunately the thought of living surrounded by excruciating pain 24/7 is not severely appealing to me. There are some things that we cannot or should not experience in life span, consider this to be one of them and stay safe.
um here is NO single, simple answer for your question.

For one article you do NOT give any "context."

Is this your first time?

Your body immensity

Your sex

Your age

What other drugs legal and wrong might be in your system (drugs INCLUDE Alcohol - approaching a glass of wine and they INCLUDE cigarettes - nicotine is a incredibly potent drug.)

Why are you taking it? Are you experiencing some sort of extreme pain or to experiment/party?

Any one of these can inflict the effect to vary from the expected, specially important is your "experience".

The smaller amount experience you have next to a narcotic the more potent the effect will be.

Oh and finally how would it be taken?

Orally? Anally? LOL or Introveniously? or TransDermal patch?
im no docotor, but i do know that morphine (especially 60mg of it) is close to a strong enough dose to knock out a horse, and I strongly discourage you using it for anything such as getting high-ranking.
You'll feel physical real fitting.
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