Any one from medical pen?

can somebody please tell me what is arsenic and for what purpose is it used.where on earth can one get that

Arsenic is a metal. Its salt are deadly poisonous.
But homoeopaths use Arsenicum ie a 100000th member of aresical salt as tablets. They claim it cures some diseases.
arsenic is a metal. its large amount of consumption cause acute toxication & death. long residence consumption in markedly small amount may cause slow poisining.
it also use surrounded by some ayurvedic prepetations for treatment purposes.
Arsenic is very similar chemically to its predecessor, phosphorus. Similar to phosphorus, it forms colorless crystalline oxides As2O3 and As2O5 which are hygroscopic and readily soluble within water to form caustic solutions. Arsenic (V) acid, similar to phosphoric acid, is a strong acerbic. Like phosphorus, arsenic forms an unstable, gaseous hydride: arsine (AsH3). The similarity is so great that arsenic will partly substitute for phosphorus surrounded by biochemical reactions and is thus poisonous. However, surrounded by subtoxic doses, soluble arsenic compounds act as stimulants, and be once popular in small doses as medicinals by ancestors in the mid 18th century.

When heated contained by air it oxidizes to arsenic trioxide; the fumes from this aversion have an odor resembling garlic. This odor can be detected on striking arsenide minerals such as arsenopyrite beside a hammer. Arsenic and some arsenic compounds can also sublime upon heat, converting directly to a gaseous form without an intervening soft state. Elemental arsenic is found in tons solid forms: the yellow form is soft, waxy and unstable, and is made of tetrahedral As4 molecules similar to the molecules of white phosphorus. The gray, black or 'metallic' forms own somewhat layered crystal structures with bonds extending throughout the crystal. They are brittle semiconductors next to a metallic luster. The density of the yellow form is 1.97 g/cm^3; rhombohedral 'gray arsenic' is much denser near a density of 5.73 g/cm^3; the other metalloidal forms are similarly dense.
Arsenic is a poisonous metal. It is often used as a slow poison. It can be detected several years after disappearance, especially in the spike and nails. It be previously used as an aphrodisiac, in remarkably small amounts.
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