How do you become a neurophysiologist?

or a:

Gastrointestinal physiologist

Answers:    A neurophysiologist and a gastrophysiologist are physiologists first with advanced degree in physiology such as a masters (M.S.) or doctorate (Ph.D). They are scientists, not physicians (M.D.). Their enclosed space is larger than merely the human species, and it focuses on how the bodies of organisms function, with inflection on normal function. Within the grazing land of physiology, they may specialize in branches such as neurophysiology and gastrophysiology.

They do not have need of to go to medical arts school. Their studies are graduate programs offered instead through university physiology departments, which may be grouped with anatomy (i.e., department of anatomy and physiology), usually a division of the university’s college of existence sciences.

Their work is principally research with a university or near a corporation that hires such people – influence a pet food manufacturer or a vitamin company.

Some physiologists are also physicians. They must complete both programs to be M.D., Ph.Ds. For their M.D.s, similar to your family doctor, they must shift to medical schools, earn M.D.s, and, while in attendance, limit their studies simply the human species, with beat not on normal function, but on both impressive function and structure (pathophysiology and pathology). Here, the emphasis is not on commonplace function, but on preventing, diagnosing, curing, and mitigating (making minimal in impact) disease.

An alternative pathway would be for a Ph.D. physiologist to earn a D.V.M. from a veterinary conservatory if his or her interest was not human disease.
Some school are offering a combined MD/PhD program. Still, be prepared for a lot of postgraduate training. You really want to talk to those in the grazing land to advise you further.

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