Anyone who have be diagnose next to PMDD?

I thught it was post partum depression and the doctor have told me that it was for a moment to late after I enjoy given birth (April 11) for it to be post partum depression and diagnosed me with PMDD. He prescribed me beside Zoloft. Has anyone ever had this? Does the prescription work? I'm just wondering because I am not familier next to it.

Zoloft is a selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor (SSRI). Another member of this drug class that's more widely specified is Prozac. SSRI drugs are widely used to treat a variety of different types of depression. Will Zoloft work for you? I don't know - and neither does your doctor. However, the treatment recommended by a precise physician is often the result of their clinical experience. Regardless of of what medical problem we're discussion about, the physician is expected to recommend the treatment they've had the best luck near for a patient that presents beside a particular set of symptoms. If that treatment doesn't work, the physician will afterwards recommend another treatment based upon the patient's response to previous treatments and the physician's clinical experience. If you are mortified with your physician's guidance, by all resources get a second assessment. Most insurance companies should have no problem paying for this second evaluation (they're hoping it might save them some money).
yes that medication should work for post-partum depression.
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