What is the difference between a CT scan gadget and an MRI apparatus? Thanks!?

Answers:    If you are asking about the contraption shape, yes, the MRI is the tunnel that is 6ft long and the nouns being scan must be in the middle of the contraption. The are open MRI's but here is a large draw support to them and that is their magnet is significantly small usual 0.3T vs 1.5 - 3T. The size of the magnet affects the standard of the exam. The open MRI scanners use a design explicitly morel like a sandwich and your the meat. The side of the scanner is initiate, hence the difference in sort of magnet used and the strength of the field. There is no radiation what so ever within a MRi exam, no gad does not have radiation. MRI does great soft tissue imaging beside or with out contrast inhancement. We can see the Brain structures and spinal cord better than CT. We also see ligaments, cartilage and tendons better that a CT scanner. Draw back are very nouns while scanning: must wear ear pugs. And the claustrophobia.

The CT scanner is more close to a giant donut, that we run you through the middle. The machine is a supper x-ray piece of equipment that has x-ray tubes and receptors that spin around you. The CT scan does great bone imaging and contrast inhanced scan of the organs. The draw back is the radiation exposure is is correctly high compared to the other forms of diagnostic imaging.

Below I am giving two links near pictures of the GE scanners that my hospital uses I personally scan on a elder model signa MRI scanner.
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