(Medical Question) What cut of the brain controlls fun?

Please help me pet name that part! I would prefer to know the complex medical signature for this part or chemical or doesn`t matter what it may be that controlls "fun" in the brain.

FYI: This is not homework... as I graduate college years ago.

10 points to the best answer!

"Fun" I suggest would cover different pleasurable experience. The brain has multiple pleasure centers but among the most prominent is the "nucleus accumbens" inwardly the limbic system and the Dopamine is the neurotransmitter underlying pleasure in general- that would include the different sorts of "fun".
That would be within the white matter somewhere between the temporal lobe and the frontal lobe. Most probably temporal lobe.

This is the nouns where erudition, memories and experiences are kept. It is also the seat of reaction.
my whole brain controls fun for me... significance i when i get too drunk i dont attention and have a integral lot of fun! haha
dopamine increase it will take guardianship of ur fun . for happiness ssri
The same chunk that controls my penis!
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