What is the medication against wart?

Answers:    I had a huge papilloma on the bottom of my foot which I kept covered next to salicylic acid for always, I had it frozen several times, adjectives several times and cut out several times over a 10 year period - but which continued to grow after respectively painful treatment. I have almost despaired when I mentioned this to a new doctor. He put me on a course of Cimetidine (old treatment for peptic ulcers) and it worked approaching a miracle. Most doctors do not know about this although I be talking to a dermatologist not long who knew adjectives about it and explained how it works on the T lymphocytes and the unprocessed killer cell and so helps your own body exterminate off the virus. It took 5 weeks from have this wart that was greater than 1 inch within diameter to absolutely nil.
If you have recalcitrant wart, and many culture seem to, I would significantly recommend they talk to their doctors nearly this.
Acid, you burn them off.

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