Anti depressant overdose?

will taking an overdose of anti-depressant medication kill?

(i'm writing a story and this is a plot line)

Yes - but it is for a moment difficult mainly because most nation who take overdoses, specially overdoses of anti-depressants are found by passers by or people who caution about them and as a consequence they are brought to hospital and treated.

Generally such overdoses do not kill - but sometimes they are successful (even despite medical efforts). Particularly if the merciful is discovered late and have taken lots.

There are many other suicide technique which are of higher lethality than anti-depressant medication.
Yes it will. BUT, you requirement to take a great deal (of say Zoloft) but in attendance is a significant risk of throwing them up. Maybe take an antinausea drug to avoid this? Somehow I mull over that may not work.

Plus you need to clutch a lot - especially if the soul has taken them in the past. If so, a packet may not be enough.

Plus, it would be a foul way to travel. Doctors who euthanase people tend to use insulin - so I enjoy heard.
It's fundamentally unlikely an overdose of an SSRI will result in destruction. This is why they've become popular. They're no more effective than the elder tricyclic antidepressants, and the older drugs even can be tailored so the side effects are more adjectives to the individual patient. The weak drugs are therefore surrounded by some ways superior, but the overdoses are deathly and difficult to treat, so the SSRI's have become the standard precisely because of safekeeping.
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