Post hysterectomy (TAH) bleeding per vaginum starting on morning 5th??

my mother has undergone total abdominal hysterectomy for multiple leiomyomas and presently in the post operative spell she is having severe bleed per vagina which started on daytime 5th (severity is 2 pads/day) its her 11th day and its still in that i have not found any mention to this in any book so looking for a possible incentive and a remedy.our doctor has done a USG and it be normal and even on pv nouns nothing much be found so she says that it is possibly oozing from the vaginal stitches(she originally planed for a L.A.V.H but surrounded by mid due to severe adhesions to bladder and bowel it be abandoned and a TAH be done, the histo-path reports of the specimen are also normal;)
please sustain fast?

Answers:    I hold t agree with cindylou 2 pad per day is not dodgy bleeding.
Bright red bleeding per vagina usually means the cardinal artery on any side has slipped the pedicle or have torn-through. With this degree of bleeding I would suspect it will stop minus specific treatment or it could be directly visualized and cauterized or stitched. Sometime a small vaginal packing will staunch the bleeding.
Old Gyn Doc
FIND ANOTHER DR.! There is something wrong!! My younger sister have a total Historetomy & she didn't have the problem that your mother is!! & she is 5 years younger than me & i'm 49! Get another opion or thieve her to the emergency room NOW!

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