Am I biddable plenty? Pre-med at UVA or Upenn?

Am I good plenty? Pre-med at UVA or Upenn?

Can i get into pre-med? UVA or Upenn?

I will be a junior surrounded by high institution next year. I want to catch into upenn or uva. Is it possible if I work very strong my junior and senior year?

current GPA: 3.3 weighted ,3.2 unweighted
i don't play any sports in arts school
i've been within band ever since elementray arts school ( only 2 years within HS because i'm quiting)
key club : just about 50 hours from freshman and sophmore year
Spanish club

I'm planning on getting pretty well on SAT . I've started classes this summer and taking them until the SATs within the winter or spring.

I'm asian and i live in VA. i'm also planning taking just about 4 more AP classes which i plan on getting A's in. That should bring my GPA up as elevated as 3.7ish.

Sorry, but I don't think that you will catch into either institution, though you have a better fortune of being admit to UVA since you are in-state. I don't see how - even if you do get adjectives A's in your AP courses - you will bring to the fore your GPA 0.4
With regards to GPA, I have a 3.3 GPA in junior year and after got really dutiful grades senior year with honors and three AP; that didn't incline my GPA a whole lot. Plus, UVA is only just going to look at senoior year unless you are wait-listed. If you get 2300 or greater, you have a occasion of admission. Also, bring an interview. Good luck.
Well being in-state for UVA will sustain and I don't know how selective they are for that. UPenn may be a bit of a stretch with that GPA unless you win the grades up significantly. Just do well from here on out and you should be honourable for UVA. Remember, undergrade pre-med is not nearly as important as where on earth you go to med institution.
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