What do colleges look for?

I have around a 4.2 gpa and I am going to be taking 8 AP classes throughout my 4 years in lofty school. I'm also surrounded by this thing call show choir and i love to sing and dance. i thieve voice lessons so its pretty plain as the nose on your face that all my endeavours are centered around singing and dancing. however, i've hear many colleges close to to look for leadership within something like the president of a club or something. I'm zero like that...do I still enjoy a good kismet??

I should think so. 8 AP classes is fantastic, especially if you chalk up well on the officeholder AP exams. If there are any study/tutoring groups you can VOLUNTEER for; close to helping underclass students that are having difficulty endorsement courses, this is great for your resume. If there aren't any, why not start one. It doesn't hold to take abundantly of time. Many undergrads with low grades are confused and own poor study habits. By tutoring a small group one on one, you show regulation by your initiative NOT by your popularity. A college admission officer would love to see that. It stands course above popularity.
SAT scores are your closing effort to obtain in

also a flawless essay
yes you do. but at least return with into a school club, or voluntary service within your town
pity you not clever enough to be surrounded by allready just lurk and shut up
colleges look for ppl with big gpa's and ppl who are involved in college like within sports, extra activities, those sort of things
Wow! Great GPA. I'm a 4.0 junior, but wow that's awesome. Your gpa and SAT score are what is going to be most important. But endeavours are important as capably. Singing and Dancing are great, but I would definitely take involved in a club or two and when they bestow National Honors Society to you , take it. That's one of the solitary ways you're going to get scholarship. Good luck!
Collages are seeking minorities with low g.p.a's. If this is you, congratulations, move to the front of the dash! God bless America!
As long as your grades are good and you capture a variety of undertakings in your resume your well brought-up. But just those goings-on you take right in a minute are also ok just dont expect the scholarship to be flying your way. You entail to diversify your activities and demonstrate to any academy that your not a one-sided soul.
Of course you have a righteous chance. I don't know where on earth you want to go to college. Some colleges are exceedingly selective, repeatedly based on factor not in your control. Colleges look for excellence and dedication, both surrounded by academics and extracurricular deeds. It is often better to be outstanding within one area than to be flawless in a few areas. Harvard, Stanford, and other elite school may have to choose between hundreds of applicants for respectively slot. However, there are copious excellent colleges and universities. Don't newly believe there is solitary one college that you have to grasp into.
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