Can lazers, or other procedures really remove the colour gross skin discoloration ?

What are these procedures like? Any other comparable procedures? What sensitive of prices are we talking?
Can they reverse smash up done by the sun or an unusual accumulation of melatonin contained by the skin that looks terrible?

Answers:    There are abundant different types of lasers to treat different skin problems.

Your best bet is to talk to a dermatologist or plastic surgeon almost it.

Prices are a few hundred bucks per treatment, and you can count on three to ten treatments, maybe more, depending on your singular problem.

I've had two different laser procedures done (I work next to a plastic surgeon, so they'll do mine for free). One laser felt resembling snapping a rubber band against the skin. The other (Fraxel) feel like hundreds of hot needles. That one HURT, even beside numbing cream on for an hour.
I have hear that there are lasers for pretty much any skin "problem." For clarification and prices, why don't you agree to some doctors / dermatologists about what you want done? I'm sure the price vary on how complicated the procedure is.

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