Is the brain a muscle?

The brain is an organ.
No it is not - all organs are classified by tissue structure. Good examine though.
Mine is!
It's an organ.
It's an organ so you have to play it the right bearing.
Nope. It's an organ, and it's the chief organ in your fearful system. Muscles are used for physical movement of your body. The brain is the organ that tells the rest of your body what to do.
No. Brain is made up of neurons and other parts. To know more, stir to

There are many more websites close to that to give you more information.
No muscle cell exist in the brain (striated, smooth, cardiac), so it is not a muscle... it is neither practised of contraction and dilation unlike muscles when given a signal from the CNS.

The brain is like the center of the CNS and is made up of white and gray event, containing a certain number of neurons (the grey thing has it dense, I think).
Only for some individuals.
No. Relatively rapidly after fertilization the egg differentiates into ectoderm, entoderm and mesoderm. Muscle is a mesodermal derivative. The brain is adjectives ectoderm.
it's an organ
No, b'coz it is an organ...
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