Are glowsticks harmful?

If someone touches the liquid inside a glowstick, is it possibly harmful or lethal? I've hear a bunch of things about glowsticks, resembling they cause cancer if the soft touches your skin, etc. Also, wikipedia says that the newer types of glowsticks are non-toxic, but how recent be the newer types manufactured. Can someone please answer these questions and put these myths or doesn`t matter what to rest?

Answers:    lol there ok but you shouldn't devour it. ive chewed on some before and it broke enlarge in my mouth. nil happened but it taste like crap! its in fact really cool because my spit was brilliant
Well, I've played with glowsticks alot, and every time I accidently break one, the fluid inside smells horible. It depends, because surrounded by order to break one, you hold to throw it against the ground or something. But if you swallow it, it IS chemicals, so see a doctor right away.

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