Does anyone know what is Sorbifer Durule? it's indication, workings of movement, and side effects?

Yes-- it's a ferrous sulfate 100 mg. and ascorbic acid 60 mg.(Vitamin C) compound within a long-lasting formulation. It is given for anemia and as a pre- and post-natal vitamin/mineral supplement. The mechanism of goings-on is the same as for any other ferrous sulfate supplement. The side effects are similarly the same--best to lug it on a empty stomach or, as it may impose mild gastric distress, with for a time food or milk; can lead to black, tarry stools as a result of the iron, etc. etc. It's distributed within the Philippines by Diethelm. This particular formulation is supposed to enjoy a superior rate of absorption so that smaller number of it will produce better results. As with any long-acting formulation, it should not be split or broken prior to taking it.

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