Can the heart smash outside the human body?

Doctors at the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center used the heart from an 80-year-old man to show how the Portable Organ Preservation System works. The machine have already been tested using a human kidney and animal organs.

"What we enjoy in our hand today is a technology which allows the organ to be removed from the body and allows it to function," said Robert Kormos, director of the center's thoracic transplantation and artificial heart program.

Doctors say the technology could impart surgeons more time to get potential recipient to a hospital where an organ can be transplanted, and more time to assessment for organ matches.

Organs are chilled after person removed from the donor, a process in which deterioration begin immediately. A heart can final about six hours after anyone removed.
yes, if the heart cells are viable and there's a constant supply of oxygen to save them going.
as long as its connected to the sino-atrial node then yes logically
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