Does anyone know if doctor's office drug exam differently than drug conducting tests places?

If a doctor's offices is going to drug try-out (doing a urine analysis) is if figured out differently than how it is done at a place that drug test for probations? Just wondering, thanks.

A doctor's bureau may do a basic urinalysis - sugar, protein, blood, specific gravity, etc., but most do not do more flamboyant testing. The bureau can collect such specimens, however, then dispatch them off to a commercial lab.

These specimens cannot be used surrounded by certain permissible proceedings because of the broken chain of custody.
Generally when the doctor's department drug tests you the results are confidential. There are indeed many methods of testing for drugs, and the better (more expensive) test are usually done by companies hiring ppl. If you're on probation, the state is probably paying for your drug test, so it depends on which state you live contained by and how much they're willing to spend on a drug experiment.
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