A interrogate for those who grasp radiation.. ONLY!?

I am currently working at a clinic that does not do Fluoro or portables, they primarily have occ condition injuries and all are "walkie-talkies" so thus I do not need to hold patients. I a short time ago started this job 2 weeks ago but they dont know im pregnant (by choice because i be denied employment b/c of this with other companies and self a single mom i need to work) thus i dont have a fetal prize, im in my 5th month of pregnancy but my grill is, *considering that when i shoot the xrays its behind a front wall... is there really much exposure person made to myself?

Not at all , conceivably if you were working C.T. or you stood directly beneath the fluoro , for long periods of time . But plain xray is pretty undersized , especcially if your behind the front wall . My wife is a xray tech and ct tech , with a B.S.
For the sake of your toddler, for God's sake TELL YOUR EMPLOYER. This is SO not worth the risk!
you should tell yor boss going on for , radiation can be harmful for the fetus , im recounting by personal experience I used to work at a clinic shooting xrays must of the time. And as soom as i told my boss i was expecting they not permitted me from the department . I lost the baby by the course
You are standing a distance away from the x-ray source. This means the X-rays are diminished simply by the distance to the wall. Next you are aft a sheet of lead and the fanlight to the wall is also leaded. You are in no peril of x-ray exposure.
I'm a vet tech that takes x-rays adjectives the time and have to be aware of direct exposure at adjectives times and just have a baby.

I wasn't allowed to thieve x-rays while pregnant except if I was at the rear the lead door shield and around the corner and wearing my front apron.

If you are not in the instant area and at the back a lead shield door you should be okay. The send out radiation is the main piece you want to avoid.

Always wear your radiation badge. The dose of radiation for a fetus should be not greater than 0.05 rems within any month. If you have your own personal decoration look at the "deep dose" reading, that would be considered the fetal dose. It should not exceed a dose of 0.5 rems for the entire nine months of pregnancy. The first 3 months is when the embryo is at its most vulnerable to radiation.

Now that you own the job you should report to them before you start showing.

It is possible to acquire your own personal dosimeter badge if you don't enjoy one. Contact your state's medical board.
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