I'm 12 years old. My father go to the doctor in August and get some headache medicine for him. If I own a headache, is it okay to take his prescription?

2nd question - It say "take 1 tablet 3 times a hours of daylight after meals as needed for headaches" Is it okay if I freshly take 2 or 3?

Answers:    NO! Never clutch any one elses medication. Pills are prescribed based on someone's stage and weight.

Take some Tylenol. Or Advil if you hold it.
It is NEVER okay take appropriate medicine prescribed for someone else.

Your father's meds are prescribed at a specific doseage for a man his size and age. As a 12 year feeble girl, his meds could quite possibly be too strong for you- and probably are. His doctor know what his symptoms are- as well as his medical history.

The meds your father is taking could be unwholesome to you. They could cause you to overdose, or end in an allergic reaction. The pills he is taking is probably one for "recurring" or constant migraines. The dosage is specifcally for his needs- not yours. Also, in that can be several different types of a medicine made because empire are allergic for different things- a doctor wouldn't prescribe a med that someone was allergic to, they would prescribe an alternate that would work basically as well. To come across that patient's needs.

If you own a headache, take Tylenol or Advil, or Motrin- if yuor headache are frequent, you should also see a doctor. You could also have cronic migraines. In which defence, a doctor would be able to prescribe you a prescription that suits your needs and your medical history specifically.
Definately not. 2 or 3 at once may = an overdose, also it have been prescribed for a fully grown man.

Also if you don't know what it is you don't know if it's a discomfort killer for headache, or some other medicine for a disorder that also cause headaches.

12 year olds most repeatedly need childrens doses of children or grown medications.

Ask your parents to assist you, if you hold headaches, you may want glasses, you may hold some other problem.

Never self medicate, and as has be said never take medication prescribed for someone else - it can be very uncertain.
No, do not take his medication (do you even know what it is?). Sharing his prescription is categorically not a good impression! You are 12, your body weight and metabolism is not impossible to tell apart as your fathers. You inevitability something like Tylenol or Motrin. It is NOT OK to rob 2 or 3 tablets of his medication or any other medication. Medicine does not work better if you increase the quantity. So 2-3 tablets will not brand anyones headache disappear any faster.
If you do not have any Tylenol or Motrin within the house, ask your parents to get some for you. You may hold a headache due to lack of sleep, stress, or hunger. Look into these things up to that time you take any medication.
I hope your headache goes away and you grain better, think twice until that time taking anything that affects your body!
Safest medicine is as recommended by your doctor and you must consent to your parents know that you have a headache as within are lots of reasons for have a headache from extremely simple to very critical

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